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Hello and welcome to the Trials. Our system tests drives and  Actual Play podcasts from The Rpg Academy

WARNING: Most of our podcast contain adult language!


On this page you’ll find the Podcasts for our Savage Worlds, Actual Play Play Test game.  We had done an extended Deadlands game using the Savage Worlds engine, but due to some technical issues we lost a couple recordings. In addition, I ran the games and wasn’t sure I really stuck to the rules that closely. There’s a lot of D&D flotating in my head and often times when I’m unsure, that’s what I go with.

Anyway, James who has been a guest on our Dungeon Talk Podcast and who plays Savage Worlds extensively agreed to run a one-shot game for us.


Travis and Nick from our Made Men games joined me, as did Brad who you’ve likely not heard before. He was part of my previous group before the one that started Made Men. I’ve invited him to be on Dungeon Talk numerous times, but so far it hasn’t worked out.  We needed a 4th for our play test and luckily his scheduled worked out.


As always, thanks for listening and comments and feedback are welcome.



Savage Worlds: Play Test – Episode 1: I Give Him Candy


Savage Worlds: Play Test – Episode 2: That was in Character, this is out of Character



Michael – AKA Mumbles.

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    • Peder on March 24, 2015 at 9:27 am
    • Reply

    Just finished listening to this, the concept seemed pretty interesting for how this game works, and the exploding die is kind of a fun way to make it work. It’s a shame that the last few minutes of this are missing of the last episode, but what can you do (never screw up again). Just from listening to it, the system seems a bit more confusing, but that might be just from my lack of understanding of it, if I were to sit down and have it explained and then play it would probably make sense quickly.

    1. Peder,
      Savage worlds is a pretty easy system, but as this was our first every ‘The Trial’ to the point we didn’t even call it that, back then, I don’t think we did a great job of explaining it like we try to do now. In it’s simpleist terms, you have several stats that are similar to D&D (Strenght, agility, Intelligence) and each stat has an associated Die type. D4, D6, D8, etc . . , (the higher the Die, the better) you have skills associated as well so like Melee fighting would be strength. it would default to your STR die but you can raise it above it for a cost. Then, when you want to make a check (or an attack) you roll the associated die. Most things only need a 4 or higher to succeed if you get 4 higher than you needed (so an 8, in most cases) then that’s a RAISE which grants benefits (like extra damage). As a PC you also get what’s called the WILD DIE which is a d6 you always roll in addition to your regular die (so strength might be d12 but wild is d6. I roll both and take best one – both can ‘explode’ and keep rolling). Wounds/HP are different. you have 3 wounds. Each time you take wound you get increasingly difficult negatives to ALL ROLLS, -1, -2 and then -3. After -3 you are incapacitated and have to roll on a chart and can insta-die.
      I really think savage worlds is a fun game and for only 10 bucks (I think) for a soft cover of the rules I highly suggest people check it out.

      Our Burning the Wicker Man actual play we did is also in Savage worlds but so far that one has yet to be completed and it just sorta ends . . .

    • Patrick on August 10, 2017 at 9:00 am
    • Reply

    Just listened to this. Is there an episode 3? Episode two seems to have ended in the middle of a sentence!
    Please say you guys finished this trial!!

    1. Patrick,

      There’s good news and bad news. Good news is we did finish that game. The bad news is that there is no audio of it. I have no idea what happened (I mean it has to be my fault, but no idea how/why I did that). The other good news is that you only missed like 5 minutes. Where it stops was the last battle and we were running long on time. We Literally had one of the characters run in, grab the necklace and then we ran away. It was the necklace we were after and we wrapped up there.

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