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Hello and Welcome to the Trial of Numenera.  For this series of Trials we tapped guest GM Lex of and a number of great podcasts, including Game Master’s Journey and GM Intrusions to be our guide into the Ninth World.  He did an excellent job and we all really enjoyed the game. We hope you do as well.


The Trial of Numenera: Episode 0 – Rules overview

The Trial of Numenera: Episode 1 – Poke the Goo

The Trial of Numenera: Episode 2 – Monsters, all the way down!

The Trial of Numenera: Episode 3 – Teamwork

Faculty Meeeting # 75: Trial of Numenera Recap and Review


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    • Ram on March 17, 2015 at 3:14 pm
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    This page dont have links to the podcasts it lists, and I cant find em anywhere else in the site either.

    1. Ram,
      These are not released yet. I should have a COMING SOON!! on there. The plan is for them to be released next week or maybe the one after, but by the end of March.

      If you subscribe through iTunes or stitcher you’ll get ’em as soon as they are released
      or if you are a Patron you can get them early.

      Sorry for the confusion


    • harlandski on May 8, 2015 at 12:53 pm
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    I listened to these four podcasts to get an idea for how Numenera plays, having read key bits of the core rulebook first. The ‘episode 0’ idea is neat, with pre- and post-game rules discussions, and helped me to check what I had understood and remembered of the rules and correct some of my misconceptions. The main episodes were also good, demonstrating the exploration-centred approach of Numenera, and some of the fun to be had with cyphers. I liked the lighthearted tone of play, but I guess I could have used a bit more atmosphere especially in the GM’s descriptions. But overall as an introduction to Numenera for someone who has never played it, excellent.

    1. harlandski,

      Thanks for leaving the feedback. We are glad to know it helped make sense of some things for you. If you want to watch it played, there is a 20 minute Youtube video run by Cook, himself, showing how to play with 3 new players. I found that helpful myself.

      If you haven’t played it already, let us know how your first session compared to our Trials. Hopeful the Trials ‘history books’ let you explorer go out into the Ninth World a bit more prepared than most.

      Thanks again!

    • mobe on May 2, 2016 at 4:08 am
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    dear gentlemen

    the people say: a campaign in The Strange! (as well)

    thank you


    1. Mobe,

      The Wrought Iron series is designed to have a definitive end so later this year, early next year we will be looking to start new one. That’s one vote for the Strange system!


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