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Metahumans Rising

Hello and welcome to the Trial of Metahumans Rising, the newest product from House Dok Productions. This game, like the previous from House Dok (Fractured Kingdoms) uses the Open Action System game engine.  For this Trial, lead designer David Silva takes myself, Caleb and Matthew through an introductory adventure called Burning The Midnight Oil.  Normally we have a session 0 for the Trials where we go over the rules and such but for this Trial we did this fairly quickly so rather than having an episode 0 we wrapped that into Episode one. If you jump ahead to minute 22 or so you’ll be able to skip that discussion if you choose.


As always a big thank you to our Guest GM – David for sharing his game and his time with us.


Michael (@theRpgAcademy) is playing Bulwark – The Living Volcano

Caleb (@theCalebG) is playing Crossfire

Matthew (@MattParody) is playing Lady night.


Episode 1, Burning the Midnight Oil, Part 1

Episode 2, Burning the Midnight Oil, Part 2

Episode 3, Burning the Midnight Oil, Part 3

Episode 4, Burning the Midnight Oil, part 4

Episode 5, Recap and Review

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    • Case Pendleton on June 27, 2017 at 4:37 pm
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    Hi All,

    I just wanted to pass on my appreciation of this Trial and my sadness at the fact that this game is still not funded and available at least in PDF format. I really liked the system as described and those involved in the Trial played their characters fantastically.

    Best Wishes,

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