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13th Age

Hello and welcome to the Trials: The system test drives from The Rpg Academy. This is where we try out a new game system and record it as an Actual Play.

This page is dedicate to our 13th Age One-Shot game.  For this game I was joined by Niko (playing SC37 a Forgeborne Rogue/Scout) and James (Playing a Dark Elf Cleric).  We played the Blood&Lightning intro-game in the 13th Age gamebook.

WARNING:  most of our podcasts contain adult language.

Episode 2: ‘That’s my Hammer!’  

Episode 1: What Happens when I get to Zero?

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    • Peder on March 24, 2015 at 12:22 pm
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    There were some definitely cool parts to this game, and I kind of like the idea of the backgrounds instead of skills, it does seem like something for the more experienced role player though as compared to newbies, as you can role play out why this roll would get a bonus for your background. A newer player is going to have a harder time explaining or knowing how to game the system a little bit. Now, a more experienced player, as you guys talked about could game the system with a character who was in the circus and then went into the military, but as a DM, if people are creating characters, I feel like you want to be around to help them when the character creation happens (and this might be coming from me not having DM’ed before, but right now that’s how I want to do it), and in that case, I’d ask the player to explain exactly what they did, so the background has more detail and I know it already, so if the person tells me they were a lion tamer, then they won’t have advantage on acrobatic-esque rolls, but on nature/animal sorts of rolls, and I’d ask them to get that specific, or if they try and do multiple things in the circus, figure out some way to short cut their bonuses, since you learned these four things in your two years at the circus, you aren’t as proficient in all of them, pick the two that you focused on, or give some sort of negative to a roll. But that’s just from listening and trying to pick up the system from hearing it played without doing any sort of reading on it. But I like the story and the changing story depending on the characters who were played that was the module.

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