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Scooby Doo Halloween Special

Hello and welcome to the first ever Halloween special episode(s) from The Rpg Academy. For this year we gathered together some of our network members and friend of the show to do Scooby Doo right.  I found a module on-line by Brian Reeves called Swamp Stomp: which you can find here!  that was perfect for us.

Go go grab your ascot, bell bottoms and some Scooby snacks for the road as we head into the Louisiana Bayou in 1970 with the Mystery Inc sleuths.


Scooby Doo Halloween Special ep 1


Scooby Doo Halloween Special ep 2.


Our cast:

Fred Jones – Matthew Parody = @MattParody

Daphne Blake = Senda = @idellamithlynnd

Velma Dinkley = Emily = @TheCraftyGM

Norville “Shaggy” Rogers = @TheCalebG

Scooby-Coo – Andrew Young = @ThatOneGM

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