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Marvel Super Heroes FASERIP

Hello and welcome to A Field Trip to Mid-town High. A fictional High School in New York City and site of an impending disaster. We’re playing TSR’s Marvel Super Heroes RPG known as FASERIP.  The Field Trip is the newest Actual Play series of podcasts from The Rpg Academy. In the Field trip we’ll be using a different set of systems and a revolving cast of players for a series of one-off / One-shot adventures. Unlike The Trials which are focused on learning the rules of the system a Field Trip is just about the adventure – so rules may or may not be used correctly.


For our this field trip we go back to 1984 in the Marvel Universe as the students of Mid-town High assemble for a D.A.R.E Lecture


Marvel Super Heroes ep 1 of 1


Our cast:

Lazer Disk = Michael F @Vaejer1

Sound Shield = Nick = @Crispy951

Max K = Ryan = @Teleporta

Elemental Shift = Travis = @NotOurTravis

Game Master = Michael – @TheRpgAcademy

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