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Marvel Super Heroes FASERIP

Hello and welcome to A Field Trip to Mid-town High. A fictional High School in New York City and site of an impending disaster. We’re playing TSR’s Marvel Super Heroes RPG known as FASERIP.  The Field Trip is the newest Actual Play series of podcasts from The Rpg Academy. In the Field trip we’ll be using a different set of systems and a revolving cast of players for a series of one-off / One-shot adventures. Unlike The Trials which are focused on learning the rules of the system a Field Trip is just about the adventure – so rules may or may not be used correctly.


For our this field trip we go back to 1984 in the Marvel Universe as the students of Mid-town High assemble for a D.A.R.E Lecture


Marvel Super Heroes ep 1 of 1


Our cast:

Lazer Disk = Michael F @Vaejer1

Sound Shield = Nick = @Crispy951

Max K = Ryan = @Teleporta

Elemental Shift = Travis = @NotOurTravis

Game Master = Michael – @TheRpgAcademy


    • Len on January 16, 2018 at 5:22 pm
    • Reply


    Love the podcast. Love FASERIP. Love you guys.

    But here I go with heresy: I love FASERIP, but I can also admit that, mechanically speaking, it’s a terrible game. The game does a great job of classifying characters (although even then it falls down when it comes to high strength), but once classified, it does a terrible job of having those characters interact.

    You can come up with lots of examples, like how it’s no harder to land a punch on Captain America or to shoot Spidey than it is to land a punch on Aunt May or to shoot Modoc. Or the fact that a group of mooks with guns can kill (and I don’t mean defeat, I mean kill) Captain America or Spidey with a few lucky rolls (I think that actually happened to Margaret Weiss when she was helping to playtest the game back in the 80s).

    Fact is, you play long enough, you see the flaws in the game, unless you’re just blinded by nostalgia. So, that said, here’s my request: is the game fixable? If someone who isn’t wearing nostalgia goggles wants to play the game, but is annoyed by some of its big mechanical flaws, what is there to do? Are there 5 to 10 simple house rules one can use to make FASERIP better, while still keeping it FASERIP?

    Hey, those almost seem like leading questions! :o) Well, I might have some ideas in this regard, again, just for people who would prefer that the game deliver an experience that feels a bit more like the comics.

    Happy to chat about it if you’d like.

    ‘Nuff Said,

    PS: Full Disclosure — I design supers games. I wrote Prowlers & Paragons and am working on P&P second edition with Sean Fannon’s Evil Beagle Games. But I grew up on Marvel and still have a soft spot in my heart for it. That said, even back in the 80s, we were trying to fix this stuff.

    PPS: Still listen to Save or Die as well. Yay!

    1. Len,

      Thanks for the comment. Always happy to see someone found our show or just an ep they liked enough to write something. I agree, as much love as I have for FASERIP it’s not a very good game. Maybe it was cool and innovative when it was designed but in the RPG World we live in now it’s clunky and archaic. For street level games i’m a fan of Cold Steel Wardens and for angsty teenage super heroes I enjoyed a recent game of Masks (PbtA). Haven’t had a chance to check out P&P yet. Got a link or something?


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