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Secrets, Lies & The Undead: 13th Age

Hello and welcome to The Campaigns. These are the Actual Play podcasts from The Rpg Academy.   This is Secrets, Lies & the Undead, the 13th Age game being DM’d by Michael and with the players of The Caleb G., Scott P. and Matthew Parody.  Join our heroes as their worlds are turned upside down by . . . well, Secrets, Lies & the Undead.


Episode 15 – Season 1 Epilogue

Episode 14 – aMAZEing Timing

Episode 13 – All the things

Episode 12 – A Rhetorical Question

Episode 11 – Orcish Parable

Episode 10 – Fighting in Spirit

Episode 9 – Glass case of emotion

Episode 8 – Case Closed

Episode 7 – Classic Ravage

Episode 6 – Wet Dreams & Dry Kindling

Episode 5 – Conspiracy Chamber

Episode 4 – Rub some dirt on it 

Episode 3 – Three Strikes 

Episode 1 & 2 – Never a Good Idea 


    • DGibb on May 14, 2015 at 9:04 am
    • Reply

    Love this game! Ravage, Corbin, and Thidell are great!

    I’ve never played 13th Age, but I really like the idea of the Escalation Die helping to move combat along.

    • Brad on August 24, 2015 at 8:13 pm
    • Reply

    Love this campaign, any news on season 2?

    1. Brad,
      thanks so much for listening, glad you enjoyed it. Yes, we are working on season 2. We ran into some scheduling issues with of our players changing jobs and moving cross-country. And we learned our lesson about releasing a few episodes of a Campaign ‘assuming’ we’d keep up (see Dead Center!) so we are not going to release any of season 2 (we have about 3 eps done) until we have all of season 2 ready. So good news/ bad news. Good news: it’s coming and when it comes it will be a full season (approx. 15 – 18 episodes) weekly. Bad news, it may not be a for a while yet.


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