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Rocky (DM) 1-Shot (Complete)

Hello and welcome to the Campaigns. These are the Actual Play podcasts from The Rpg Academy.  This short series (3 episodes) was originally designed by DM Rocky H. (@LaffinJoker) to bring in some new characters to his already in-progress running of the Lost Mines of Phandelver game.  Unfortuantely we ended up scrapping that game and started a new home-brewed one, so these is now just a one-shot game. If you enjoy Rocky as the DM, he is now running that new home-brew game and those episodes should start coming out soon.


Rocky 1-shot Ep 3 – Thok Waz Here!

Rocky 1-shot Ep 2 – Not that kind of a Cleric

Rocky 1-shot Ep 1 – Fallacy of a monstrous economy

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  1. This was a fun one to listen to, I like that it comes across as very traditional D&D and I’m a bit familiar with the starter module, so I enjoy the tie in to that. But a little role playing, a little combat and a puzzle, seemed like it was a good time.

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