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Dead Center (D&D 5e)


Hello and welcome the Campaigns. These are the Actual Play Podcasts from The Rpg Academy.  This series of Episodes are being written and DM’d by our Crunch Master himself, @TheCalebG  This is a home-brew world of his own design using the D&D 5e Rule Set.

It stars

Brahe Wrathborn A Dragonborne Barbarian/Paladin     – played my Michael @TheRpgAcademy

Bruthvall Moltenbran  A Dark Dwarf Warlock                 – played by Scott @Pacheta

Mundus Sapitkag A Human Paladin                             – Played by @CowboyCentaur

Quest Chieftansan                                                          –  Played by Matthew @MattParody


Episode 6 – A Partial Success

Episode 5 – Also, A Dragon

Episode 4 – Going New-Clear

Episode 3 – A Deeper Mystery

Episode 2 – The Last Entry

Episode 1 – Goblin Paste

1 comment

  1. DGibb

    Just listening to episode 1, and as soon as @CowboyCentaur started speaking, I did a spit-take. I know later in the episode he mentioned watching a lot of King of the Hill, but my brain immediately went to the Bing Crosby imitation on Family Guy and was waiting for some reference to beating someone with a “sack of sweet Valencia oranges”.

    I love the RPG Academy Campaigns, and am looking forward to experiencing this story! Keep it up!

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