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Blood & Bones (Complete)

Blood & Bones is a new DnD Next Actual Play podcasts, DM’d by Niko (Grexil in Made Men)

WARNING – Most if not all of these podcasts contain adult content and language.  Enjoy!!

The Campaigns: Blood & Bones – The Complete Series


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    • Jonathon on July 27, 2013 at 2:59 am
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    I am on Made Men episode 10 out of 24 at the moment and wondering how it is going to be hearing Grexil as the DM instead of his loveable alterego… Grexil for President!!!

    When will Blood & Bones be starting up?

    Is there a blurb for Blood & Bones to prep us up for it?

    Or is it going to be put on hold since the vote was to play 13th Age next?



    1. Jonathon,
      We have only played one session of Blood & Bones. Probably 2 episodes worth of content. Originally we were going to rotate games week by week but we’ve since decided not to do that. So we started my new game this week. I’m going to run it (A New World) and then after a few months, or whenever I need a break, Niko will take over and he’ll run for a month or two). Because of that I’ve been indecisive about posting them yet. I don’t want someone to wait so long for the next episodes that they lose interest before we come back to it.

      That’s a question for you. I still have a month or two of Made Men to post and we also have 3-4 sessions of our Savage World’s game to post. So in 3 months (give or take) when I’m out of episodes (and that’s assuming we don’t throw a Dungeon Talk in there every now and again) would you rather I post each game separately, so A New World Ep 1 – ?? and then post Blood & Bones ep 1 – ?? (by that point we’d probably be sitting on a lot of content).

      Or alternate them the same as the game. A New World Ep 1 – 10 and then Blood & Bones Ep 1 – 10

      or alternate the podcasts week to week A new world ep 1, Blood & Bones ep 1, A new world ep 2, Blood & Bones ep 2?

      what do you think?

      The Play-test of 13th Age will likely be a long one-shot on a saturday or 2-3 sessions in between other games. We’re not running an extended game in that system (at least not yet). We just want to give several new systems a trial run and see what we like about each one (or don’t, as the case may be).

    • Jonathon on July 31, 2013 at 7:33 am
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    Well definitely a personal preference here.

    Just like reading a book, I finish one book before I continue on to another; while my wife on the other hand reads multiple books at the same time and usually while texting, playing Candy Crush, and watching TV; and she still finishes 10 books to my one. :-/ errrg…

    So me personally I would like to see all of one out before the next one.

    The issue that you did bring up deals with burning out. You are the Grand Poo-Baa of the podcast and you need to work it to your schedule and health. So if you are able to finish up ‘A New World’ without getting burnt out, then go for it; otherwise put Niko in the driver’s chair and let us hear his abilities as a DM in ‘Blood & Bones’.

    Maybe to reduce the possibility of burning out, you could reduce the number of podcasts per campaign?

    ‘Made Men’ is at 24 episodes; does it really or did it really need to be that long? Are podcasts normally this long or longer?

    I understand that if these podcasts are from home campaigns, instead of purchased adventures, then the number of podcasts can be unlimited; home campaigns running for years and years.

    Maybe reduce the number of podcasts per campaign so you can provide more variety out there. It is kind of like a stagnant website; people will not return to a stagnant website in hopes of new information; once stagnant, people lose hope.

    So maybe implementing some good marketing ploys to get listener’s attention.

    Coming Soon:

    Monster Mondays
    Players play monsters.
    Ever wanted to play a giant and really give Jack the smack down he deserves?

    Two Hour Tuesdays
    A gameplay that lasts two hours.

    One Shot Wednesdays
    One adventure that only lasts one hour.
    Kind of like the D&D Encounters on Wednesday nights.

    Friday Night Fights
    PC vs PC. PC vs Monster. Monster vs Monster.
    Ever wondered who would win between a Tarrasque and an Ancient Red Dragon?



  1. That was such a fun episode to listen to. Too bad that it didn’t continue, but you guys have/had so many things going on anyways, I’m not sure how you actually manage to play.

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