Oct 31

Field Trip Scooby Doo Halloween Special pt 2


Hello and welcome to A special edition our Field Trips. For this Field Trip we join the Mystery Inc Gang as they head down to Grand Isle, Louisiana for a well earned vacation. Unfortnately for the locals the gang ends up mixing themselves into the nefarious deeds of a Killer Alligator and a Swamp Hag.  I want to thank Brian Reeves for allowing us to use his module Swamp Stomp which you can find here:


I also want to thank some of our special guests. From the She’s a Super Geek podcast (the newest member of The RPG Academy Network ) we were joined by Senda (@IdellaMithlynnd ) and Emily (@TheCraftyDM ). We were also joined by my Favorite Co-host (and yours!) Caleb ( @TheCalebG) Faculty member Matthew Parody (@MattParody) and Associate Professor and friend of the show Andrew Young ( @ThatOneGM)



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  1. Mad props on the Scooby Doo Halloween Special. That was hilarious and perfect for a Scooby Doo Episode. The Scooby and Shaggy voices were spot on. And it was a blast to listen to, and a fun story.

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