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  1. Eric

    Your Hueston Lodge link is invalid.

    1. Professor Fluff

      I’m updating now

  2. Jason Howard

    Looking forward to more information in the Kickstarter, I’m a definite maybe from Ann Arbor, MI.


    1. Professor Fluff

      we hope to start dropping out more info, but likely it will be after Gencon before any big announcements are made. Are you planning (hoping) to come down for it? Any specific things/events you’d want us to do or try to get organized?


  3. Jacob Smith

    I am very interested in running some games and hosting a few forums, let me know what times are still available for running games.

  4. Rachel - You Too Can Cthulhu

    Hi, You Too Can Cthulhu is considering offering a four-hour Call of Cthulhu event at your con, if there is interest. We are an Indy-based Gen Con Premier Event Group (listed as Novus Ordo Seclorum for administration, but we game as YTCC). Can you please send me information about table space for an event of up to 7 players? Is there any possibility of a private room for such a session? We’d like to learn more about what you’re doing, to see whether we’d be a good fit for your event!.

    Thank you —
    Rachel, You Too Can Cthulhu

    1. Professor Fluff

      Thanks for getting in touch. We’d love to have you guys at our convention. Shoot me an e-mail Michael@TheRpgAcademy (dot ) Com and we can work out the details.


    2. Tracy Caudill

      I would play. I played Call of Cthulhu , Trail of Cthulhu , and Delta Green at Gencon this year, were any of those your games?

  5. TheScando

    Just because this should totally be on this page:

    So sign-up if you can make it!

  6. Nezumi Cutthroat

    Hey Guys!

    I can’t believe you liked my suggestion to run your guests through a CYOA. I can’t wait for the next installment.

    Anyways, I’m pumped about coming to AcadeCon. I was wondering, did you guys by chance secure a block of rooms at a group rate for attendees wanting to stay at the Hueston Lodge?


    1. Professor Fluff

      We LOVED the CYOA idea, but have been wildly inconsistent with it! We are going to continue the story though. Our last couple S&T eps came with very little prep time so we weren’t ready with the next part, but we hope to have our next guest contribute.

      We were not big enough to secure a room rate with the Lodge but they are offering a 3 for 2 deal that weekend anyway so you can get a room Thursday – Sunday for the price of a two night stay: roughly $130 a night. The same for the cabin so the best deal is to get 4 or 5 or 6 ppl to split a cabin for the same three days. There are also several other hotels within a 10-20 minute drive that have rooms for $99 or so a night.


  7. Tracy Caudill

    It’s not really clear to me how to get a badge or register for games, or to see a list of games being held. Please help. Tracy

    1. Professor Fluff

      The KS ended on 9/6 but we do have about 9 badges left. If and Gardner want one you can use Paypal to buy them and I’ll get your info.

      As for the events, those are not posted yet. We will be compiling a list from all our special guests and other GM volunteers to fill out the event list and then ppl will be able to register for them.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

  8. Susan

    I’m sure it’s WAAAYYY too late, but if possible are there any openings from people dropping or any new openings?

    1. Professor Fluff

      Sorry, but yes we are closed for badge sales for this year. 🙁

      As long as we survive next weekend we do plan on doing it again next year about the same time. Hopefully you can be front of the line for us then.

      Thanks for the interest and sorry again!


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