Apr 13

Welcome to Detention – LIVE, Episode 15


Hello Academaniacs! Welcome to the long-awaited return of Detention!


Detention is sponsored by BattleBards and Easy Roller Dice.

In this episode, Scott and I are joined by Sean – The Heavy Metal GM

As usual, these episodes are a little more rough around the edges, with less editing to reflect a more conversational tone. They also include more of the tangents, bad jokes, and adult language that we tend to use when we’re hanging out and having fun.

Detention LIVE is the new weekly LIVE talk show format podcast from The RPG Academy.

Extra curricular is where the hosts discuss things happening outside of their RPG lives.

10 Things Improv game

In Used Books Sean discusses a failed campaign that faltered due to scheduling issues and how he had to fudge some rules really early to keep from wiping the party.

We also spend some time discussing 13th Age!

In our newest segment: Cryptozoology, the group discuss Vampires!

As always, thanks for listening. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or requests for future episodes. We hope you enjoy.

Comments and Feedback are always welcome.


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  1. Fun times again. The talk about fudging rolls is interesting (or fudging rules). I tend to fudge a little bit from time to time, basically I figure out sometimes that I’m rolling really hot and my players are rolling like crap. So I could just let that go, but if the thing they are fighting is apt to kill them, I don’t want it to happen just because of how I’m rolling versus how they are rolling. So I’ll fudge in some misses or less damage to keep them alive until the creature is nearing death (or getting lower on hit points), so you get that race sense of: “Oh boy, will get get them before they get us.” Or if it’s the other way around (much more common), I’ll generally fudge by adding in more hit points. They’ll be doing so much damage I know that I can’t keep up and then I’ll just add a few more hit points to the adversaries pool. As for the rolling out in front of people, like the person in the comment was saying, I think I’d do that on attacks against someone who is already down. I tend to go with, if you’re down and being attacked, you get rolled against with advantage, but there is a chance that they could still miss. Also, I remember either you guys talking about the Angry GM’s roll death saving throws in private thing, I kind of like that idea, but I feel like there would be some times where it makes more sense to roll it in public or even to roll it in public as the DM, so you roll their saving throws so that they can see them, so it’s not in their hands, but more of an outside force that determines if they live or not.

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