Oct 04

Welcome to Detention, Episode 9!


Hello Academaniacs! Welcome to a new bonus feature on The RPG Academy, Detention!


We were so happy to hear good feedback about this bonus content that we decided to make more!

In this episode, Caleb and Scott are joined by special guest Quinn from Swallows of the South. As usual, these episodes are a little more rough around the edges, with less editing to reflect a more conversational tone. They also include more of the tangents, bad jokes, and adult language that we tend to use when we’re hanging out and having fun.

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Extra Curricular starts with debating how Caleb says things. Scott shares his travel experiences and we come up with a new take on the classic dystopian future trope. Quinn talks about school and karaoke and we get onto a target about cosplay. Caleb talks about The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret. In Used Books, Caleb shares the home-brew world of Sanctuary and the game that didn’t get past session zero. This opens the discussion to encounter balance, world building, and ways to get players more excited about and invested in session zero. We also talk about using session zero type questions to warm up before a game session and serve as a reminder or primer for important details. And in Class Review, we discuss the Sorcerer. Caleb has a very different opinion than the rest of the group. This leads to a deep discussion about what we like and don’t like about the class and what makes it interesting.

-Professor Crunch-

As always, thanks for listening. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or requests for future episodes. We hope you enjoy.

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  1. Two comments:

    I enjoy the 5e sorcerer, but the sorcerer points, while I enjoy the concept of them and think I could have fun using them, is very much less than ideal for a new player as it adds a lot of complexity to a character. The Wild Magic sorcerer is a lot of fun.

    The other comment about the idea of asking questions/world building. I want to steal that for my games, let it take pressure off of myself, but to be able to set theme/tone with questions and it would probably help some of the role play that we have in the Dungeons and Flagons game.

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