Mar 10

Welcome to Detention, Episode 11!


Hello Academaniacs! Welcome to the long-awaited return of Detention!

I guess we’ve good for the past 5 months. Well, 3 months. Because we recorded this episode in January 2017! Don’t think too hard about the recording and release schedule. Podcasting is all timey-wimey.

Detention is sponsored by BattleBards and Easy Roller Dice.

In this episode, Caleb and Scott are joined by special guest Taylor from Game Closet and Riverhouse Games. As usual, these episodes are a little more rough around the edges, with less editing to reflect a more conversational tone. They also include more of the tangents, bad jokes, and adult language that we tend to use when we’re hanging out and having fun.

As you now know, Taylor joined the hallowed halls of the RPG Academy earlier this year. When this episode was recorded, this marvelous event had just been announced. Again, timey-wimey. Deal with it.

In Extra Curricular, Caleb talks about trying to figure out how to hack existing systems to get what he wants for a new game and then giving up and just designing a new system. (And as future Caleb writes this, let it be known that the game he wrote this for fell through before it even started. But the system is still good and will make a play test appearance at AcadeCon). Scott talks about the impending doom from the Smarty Bomb. And Taylor talks about prepping for con games.

In Used Books, Taylor talks about musical inspiration for games. We also discuss how tools used in game prep don’t always transition over into tools for use during game play.

In Class Review, we discuss the Druid at great length. Sadly, even after pushing off this Review as long as possible, Matt was not able to join us to talk about his favorite class. Luckily for us, though, Taylor is extremely passionate about Druids and delivered a fantastic conversation! We talk about how the evocative images of the natural world can translate into describing magical events in the game; how brutal and truly neutral nature is; how amazing and useful Wild Shape is out of combat; and how many examples of Druids we can find in other games.

-Professor Crunch-

As always, thanks for listening. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or requests for future episodes. We hope you enjoy.

Stay tuned for a new Detention development in the near future (that Michael has pretty much already spoiled)!

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