Mar 16

Trial of Satanic Panic ep 4 -Heartfelt confessions


Welcome to episode 4  of our Trial of Satanic Panic. A Trial is where we test out a new game system. Satanic Panic is a currently Kickstarter’ing game by Jim McClure. Jim is a member of the One Shot Podcast Network and you may know him from Talking Tabletop or his first RPG Reflections. Satanic Panic is a new RPG that takes the idea that the Satanic Panic that happened in the late 70’s and early 80’s about the evils of Role Playing Games was justified; Playing a tabletop game CAN lead to demons and devils and corruption.


In Satanic Panic the players assume the roles within a secret government agency with the mission to contain, control and eliminate the tabletop threat.


Our DM for this episode is Jim McClure himself.

For players, you have Michael (@therpgacademy) Playing Reginald, the Tactician

Scott (@Geowtf) playing Inka Dink, the Solider

Quinn Wilson (@monkipi) playing Frederico, the Inquisitor

and Kendall Jung (@redemptionpod) playing Aaron, the reformed Table Topper.



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  1. That was awesome. I’m waiting to get the Kickstarter PDF now. It was amazing, so crazy, and completely absurd. I enjoy how weird you guys are in the game, and I’m sure that you can play it more seriously, but I don’t know why you would based on the subject matter. I’m not sure what Jim’s plan was for the game, but clearly, it works really well in an absurd situation, and he did a great job keeping up with your oddness.

    1. Peder,

      Yeah, that was a great game. Jim is an excellent DM and we had some Ace players so it was sure to be a good time. I’ve learned myself well enough by now that I lean toward silly over serious, but I would like to try another crack at that game with a more x-files vibe instead of slapstick.

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