Dec 14

Trial of MASKS: The New Generation – Issue 5 – Recap & Review




Hello and welcome to the Trial of MASKS: The Next Generation.  Masks is a powered by the Apocalypse game from Brendan Conway @ Magpie games.  It’s designed to tell angsty teenage super hero stories. Think of it as Young Justice the RPG and you’re not wrong.

(side note, if you do like Young Justice, and you really should – please go check out Whelmed, The Young Justice Files Podcast.  It’s really good!


In this episode, our characters jump straight into the action as as known Super villain – RAMPAGE has just leapt out of the Rook Industries building and our team of heroes are on the scene quickly (some more than others).

Our players for this game:

Michael (@therpgacademy) – As Marisol aka: Toro (The Bull Playbook)

Caleb (@TheCalebG) as Rex (the Transformed Playbook)

Dakota (@Punchvestigate) as Hornet (The Protege’ Playbook)

Taylor (@Leviathanfiles) as Sure Shot (The Beacon Playbook)


Here are the links to the free resources to play MASKS 




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    • Swindle89 on December 15, 2017 at 9:01 pm
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    I started listening to this specifically to see how Masks played since I have a group with a set of heroes but no system. We started in Fate, switched to Cortex, we all know M&M and it’s not the way we want to go. Unfortunately Masks is not going to be the answer either.

    I have to agree that Masks just doesn’t work as a general use superhero game. Even if I wanted to run a touchy feely adult supers game I don’t think it would really work with Masks.

    1. Swindle89 – Thanks for the listen. If you’re still looking for a Super’s game I would suggest Cold Steel Wardens. If you are going for street level heroes it’s great (IMO). We did a Trial of a while back so you can hear it in action.

      Beyond that i’ve heard good things about the HERO system and Cypher system just released a new Super’s setting called Behind the Mask.


    • FleeingMonkey on December 18, 2017 at 1:32 pm
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    To be honest even going through all episodes of mask, and listening to the character introductions I didnt realize there was 4 players until the last episode. Rex got no real spotlight if you go back and listen. Also the game had no real challenge or climax, except self inflicted climax. The sysyem felt very broken up, and having to roll for inner social conversation, such as cheering someone up, and then that player has to do what the results say seems really a let down for developing a character. I will say the system is good to help teach people how to have social inner group conversation and conflict, but it gets very grindy over just talking to each other. Plus having a chance to knock yourselt out of the game from a failed roll at cheering someone else up seems just silly. I dont know if there would of been a way to increase the danger level in the game, but for sidekick style heroes, you all were like superman versus minions.

    1. FleeingMonkey,

      Yeah, during the game I could tell that Caleb was getting the short end of the stick. We talk about that some in our recap ep. I think there was an opportunity for us as other players for Brendan as the GM and for Caleb to fix it, but sadly none of us did. I also think with a one shot designed to highlight the rules we really couldn’t get bogged down in the fight for our lives so that didn’t bother me. This game is much more about exploring the relationships between the characters and that’s what that game focused on. I know there is a newer MASKS actual play podcast that is doing a full campaign, it might be worth a listen to a few eps to see how they handle combat. but I can’t remember the name of it. Maybe Nerds on a roll?


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