Nov 28

Trial of MASKS: The Next Generation – issue 0 – Origin Stories

Hello and welcome to the Trial of MASKS: The Next Generation.  Masks is a powered by the Apocalypse game from Brendan Conway @ Magpie games.  It’s designed to tell angsty teenage super hero stories. Think of it as Young Justice the RPG and you’re not wrong.

(side note, if you do like Young Justice, and you really should – please go check out Whelmed, The Young Justice Files Podcast.  It’s really good!


In this episode, Brendan Conway walks the players through character creation. Like most PbtA games, we start with playbooks and each have questions we answer to flesh our particular character out.

If you’d like to skip episode 0 and jump straight to the action you should be able to do so without any confusion. This episode is great if you want that backstory or are more interested in the game itself as Brendan does cover a lot of ground in it.


Our players for this game:


Michael (@therpgacademy) – As Marisol aka: Toro (The Bull Playbook)


Caleb (@TheCalebG) as Rex (the Transformed Playbook)

Dakota (@Punchvestigate) as Hornet (The Protege’ Playbook)

Taylor (@Leviathanfiles) as Sure Shot (The Beacon Playbook)



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