Aug 09

Trial of Fantasy Age – ep 4 Recap & Review


Hello and welcome to the Trial of Fantasy Age.  Fantasy Age is the generic fantasy version of the Dragon Age RPG – both designed by Chris Pramas and published by Green Ronin. The ‘Age’ games are built upon the Action Game Engine which is a 3d6 + stat + xxx system which also has a stunt system where certain rolls trigger the player the ability to choose from a menu of stunts.


Our GM for this game was Chris Pramas and our players

Michael (@therpgacademy) – as Tye the human mage.

Eric Ausley (@BozShulun) as Oska Rockford, the southern gentleman Dwarf.

Kenna Conklin  (@goinglast) as Rochelle the thief acquisitions expert.

Rich Malena (@rmalena) as Pascal de Cardono – the most famous assassin in the world.



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Sound FX used were from and used under Creative Commons -NC-ND 4.0 license.


    • Azziz on November 22, 2017 at 10:21 pm
    • Reply

    Hi! Can the system be used commercially in other RPG books? (open source)

    1. Azziz,

      I don’t think the system is OGL, but you could probably re-flavor it to a different setting with some work. I believe they are working on a generic version to come out at some point. Sorry I don’t have more/better info for you.


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