Feb 13

Trial of DreamChaser ep 3 – Bringing Saucy Back


Hello and welcome to the Trial of Dreamchaser, the new RPG from  Imagining Games. The game is currently on Kickstarter and has already funded but has some excellent stretch goals you could help it reach.


The game poses the question: What is your dream? and the entire game is built around helping your characters achieve their dreams.  Our dream includes a Fear Monster, a sentient frying pan, Sorcwhicy and at least one murder.  This was originally played over our Twitch Channel but sadly our stream was corrupted and I was unable to save the video.  There are a few audio glitches and I edited around most of the Twitch interaction, but that chat room was on fire!

In this first episode Pete leads us through Character Generation and Dream Mapping. Key components to the game.  If you want to skip all that, episode 2 kicks off (more or less) with the role play.

The game features the lead designer, Peter Petrusha as our Game Master.

Michael (@therpgacademy) plays Stan Which

Caleb (@TheCalebG) plays Ash

Kevein (@SharnDM) plays Kwa Zeen


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