Jul 28

The Trials: Star Wars EotE – Ep 5 : Space Febreze

SW EotEHello and welcome to The Trials, the Game system test drives from The Rpg Academy. This is where we try out new games, so you don’t have to.  I am Michael, and this is the Trial of Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, episode 5: Space Febreze

In our last episode, Lak-She and Cadlore had just managed to secure the Krayt Fang spaceship and were trying to get the heck outta dodge but we did not avoid any Imperial entanglements and as we are about to take off were being attacked by Tie Fighters.


This is our last Trial of Star Wars: Edge of the Empire. We  liked the game and system so much we decided to continue playing it as a regular campaign. We made our own characters but continued this story. Those episodes will be released as a regular “Campaign” Series called Unlikely Heroes


As always, thanks for listening. We hope you enjoy.

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    • Jonathon M. Johnson on August 31, 2014 at 6:04 pm
    • Reply

    Excellent podcast, especially with the space combat. It kind of reminds me of the 4th edition D&D Skill Challenge.

    Brad does another great job running the show and using his special effects voice. Looking forward to hearing his high screeching tie fighter sound. LOL

    In general, not your game play, from hearing the space combat, it is sounding like something that would not be put into a lot of space games. I find this very disappointing since the GM should be identifying all players and when they need to shine. It kind of sucks when a player builds a great pilot character only to never be able play the pilot part of their character.

    I had made a driver character in a Spycraft game and only got to use his driving skills once during the entire Spycraft campaign. 🙁

    Glad to hear that you all like this so much that you are transitioning from The Trials to Campaigns status.

    Looking forward to the next session.



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