May 29

The Trial of Post Replica – Ep 0 – Rules overview

Post replica

Hello and welcome to The Trials. Our new system play test Actual Play podcasts from The Rpg Academy. These games are from one-shots of us playing a new system and giving it a trial run.  This is the Trial o Post Replica by Rational Basis Media.

Post Replica is a tabletop role playing game where players take on the role of androids hidden among a paranoid and desperate future humanity. Weave a web of lies to keep your true nature secret, defeat dangerous mutating android monsters, evade the human zealots hunting your kind, and delve into the burnt ruins of the abandoned urban sprawl. Using an original rules-lite RPG system, Post Replica allows players to explore an identity as an android walking the line between emulating humanity and evolving into something else entirely. How you survive is up to you, but survive you must.

In this first episode of Post Replica our Crunch Master @TheCalebG interviews Anthony Ford (@Anthford) Ceo of Rational Basis Media (@rationalbas) about the game. Episode 2 kicks off the actual play featuring TheCalegG, Matthew Parody (@MattParody) and Kevin Smith @SharnDM)



Please head over to the Kickstarter for Post Replica and take a look



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