Mar 25

The Trial of Numenera: Episode 3 – Teamwork



Hello and welcome to The Trials. Our new system play test Actual Play podcasts from The Rpg Academy. These games are from one-shots of us playing a new system and giving it a trial run.  This is the Trial of Numenera by Monte Cook.  For this series of the Trials we tapped fellow podcaster Lex Starwalker ( to be our GM. Lex has several excellent Podcasts about GM’ing and specifically GM’ing Numenera.

This is The Trial of Numenera: Episode 3 – Teamwork In this episode we conclude our adventure in the Seedship with a nearly flawless execution of Team Work.


Here’s a bad image of the map if you need one.



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    • Peder on March 25, 2015 at 10:13 am
    • Reply

    Woo hoo, treasure everywhere!

    This was an interesting system to listen to being played. I’m guessing that you’re going to do a debriefing episode on it, and it will be cool to hear your guys thoughts on it. I thought from listening that the system was cool, but the story felt a little lacking, it was more about just doing goofy stuff with a very undefined goal as to what you wanted to do, and it just wrapped up too quickly/nicely without feeling like there was a big bad, or that it was building towards anything.

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