Jun 11

The Trial of Metahumans Rising pt 4


Hello and welcome to The Trials. Our new system play test Actual Play podcasts from The Rpg Academy. These games are from one-shots of us playing a new system and giving it a trial run.  This is the Trial of Metahumans Rising from HouseDok Productions.

Super-science, magic, and Metahumans come together to create a rich comic book world uniquely its own and maintaining the hallmarks of the genre. Superheroes protect the world from mad mutants, evil organizations bent on world domination, corrupt government groups that seek to control Metahumans, or have them neutralized and deal with intergalactic conquerors seeking to harvest the Earth for their own reasons.
The last decade has changed the world forever. Beginning with the Ar’Dysis invasion and the Lensing Conflict, the Earth has survived threats not seen before. In the wake of these events, the world is left with a need for new heroes; beacons of hope willing to take up the fight against the forces of evil and corruption.

Using the Open Action System, Players are able to create virtually any hero they can imagine. While rules for running individual heroes or creating their own world class superteam exist, the Open Action System is designed for fast creative play that rewards characters for their backgrounds, talents, and creativity.

Take on super powered street gangs. Go toe to toe with the terrifying forces of Chimera, who use stolen science and an army of mutating Drifters to fuel their criminal empire. Seek out lost cities or go to the stars to face the intergalactic empire of the Zo. The world needs heroes. Are you ready to rise?

In this, the final episode we have our final and fateful confrontation with Mock and his super-powered goons. We also ruin any chance we’ve ever had of getting a Dairy Queen sponsorship for our show.
Our DM is the game creator: David Silva
our Players
Michael (@TheRpgAcademy) takes on the role of Bulwark – the living volcano, Matt (@MattParody) takes on the role of Lady Night and the Crunch Master himself, Caleb (@TheCalebG) takes on the role of Crossfire
Burning the Midnight Oil, part 4

We hope you enjoy the game and will head over to the Kickstarter Page and see if this is a game you’d like to support.



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  1. That was a cool ending, I think the sacrificial death made good sense for the character, but because it’s a trial it felt a little bit like really… we wanted to see more mechanics and fighting and the backstory wasn’t fully fleshed out to us listeners. The last battle was quite good as well, but felt a little anti-climatic after the sacrificial death, since it’s kind of hard to top that.

  2. Just wanted to pop in to address the sacrifice made by Crossfire. Mechanically the Crossfire would have been able to add his Prevent Another War and Wrong Place + Right Time Drives giving him a bonus to the roll and to damage. Also, this would have been the session’s Splash Panel allowing him to set 3 Dice to 6 and add a bonus effect. This would result as a hit on all the targets and 20 or 22 Damage depending on if Crossfire rolled a 6 on his last die. While it is important to explore the mechanics I did not want to take away from the character’s sacrifice.

    With regards to the characters backstories I have made Bulwark, Crossfire and Lady Night available on the main House Dok website.

    I hope you enjoyed the Trial of Metahumans Rising.

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