Dec 12

The Trial of Dungeon World: Ep 1 – What Do You DO?

Dungeon World cover

Hello and welcome to The Trials. A series of Actual Play podcasts from The Rpg Academy. These games are from one-shots of us playing a new system and giving it a trial run.  This is the first of these Official ‘The Trial’ games which is part of our Patreon Campaign.

Matt Parody, Scott Brown, Caleb G. and I had a chance to sit across the Virtual Table from Jessa of TheJessaChannel on Youtube and she GM’d our first session of Dungeon World. The one-shot session is already posted on Youtube under TheRpgAcademy and titled The Trial of Dungeon World. This is the first of the 4 audio only episodes I edited down to release as a podcast.






Here is The Trial of Dungeon World: Episode 1 – What Do You DO?




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  1. Matt Picone

    This is one of the best play recordings of DW that I’ve heard.

    1. Professor Fluff

      Thanks! We appreciate you listening. Hope you enjoy the rest as well.


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