Sep 10

The Trial of Cold Steel Wardens ep. 4



Hello and welcome to The Trials. Our new system play test Actual Play podcasts from The Rpg Academy. These games are from one-shots of us playing a new system and giving it a trial run.  This is the Trial of Cold Steel Wardens. Superhero RPG’ing in the Iron Age of Comics.  CSW is the brain child of local game designer A.P. Klosky. It was successfully Kickstarted a couple years back and is being published by BlackFallPress (@BlackFallPress).

I met the author at CincyCon earlier this year and demo’d his game and really liked it. I invited him to come on and do a Trial of it for our show and here it is.  The first 25 minutes or so of this episode is a rules review and then we jump into the actual play. We will have our traditional recap episode after the AP episodes.

Also, A.P. will be at AcadeCon this year demoing this game and new in-development board game he’s working on.

For players –

I am playing Sawbones  (@theRpgAcademy)

Caleb is playing Cadia (@TheCalebG)

Rohit from is playing Ambush (@Gamersplane)

and friend of the show Jason is playing Camshaft @23rdian23





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  1. That was a very cool scenario that you ran through. I’m assuming you’ll probably do a retrospective on what you liked, didn’t like, and what you thought as a whole. But this is clearly something that you guys have had a lot of fun with, and something that I might have to try and get my hands on, granted, I might need to find a few more people to play RPG’s with. These scenarios, are they built for a one shot sort of thing, like 4-6 hours of play or did you guys do this over a couple of nights?

  2. This scenario was one that I’d developed specifically for a 4 hour convention slot–I often run these sorts of games at gaming conventions throughout the region, including Origins and GenCon.

    CSW is designed for campaign-level play–characters gain XP by completing investigations, which can be used to improve Vitals, Skills and Powers or to purchase new Masteries. However, these scenarios specifically don’t include advancement; they’re meant just to show off the system using archetypal characters that are easy to grasp. The pre-gens are fairly experienced: each is built with an additional 25 XP to represent their past investigations and crimefighting.

    The “Trial” here was recorded all in one night session, which might be why it sounds like we’re a little tired by the end. We started around 7:30 or 8pm, and finished up just before midnight!

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