Jan 10

The RPG Academy Network Presents – For the Player


Hello and welcome to a special edition of our podcast. In this episode we present the audio only version of the newest on-line GM panel from The Rpg Academy Network.  For this panel we brought together

Christopher from the Shark Bone podcast ( @Eldritchfire )

In addition to myself (Michael – AKA Prof Fluff  @TheRpgAcademy)

we had senda (@IdellaMithlynnd ) from She’s a Super Geek podcast

We had Michael Long (@Mrlong78) co-founder of Tribality

We have Christopher from the  Shark Bone Podcast ( @Eldtrichfire )

We have Kevin Smith (@SharnDM) from Melvin Smif’s Geekery

We also had Jim McClure (@GMJimMclure) the host of Talking Tabletop as our moderator




For this panel we wanted to tackle some of the obstacles a new player may face coming to the table as well as how to grow and be a better player as you gain experience.  I hope you’ll listen and find something you can use.

As always, we appreciate comments and feedback



~ Michael

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  1. Interesting to listen to, some very good advice on how to get into the mindset in particular, I thought that part was very good for ideas. I’ll generally run a session where the players create their characters and often jointly create their backstories together as my session zero, we really don’t actually play, but when it all comes together, I have an idea of why the characters are together or how the characters can be brought together that makes sense in the world that I’ve already been thinking about.

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