Oct 18

The RPG Academy Network GM Panel # 1 pt 1

Hello and welcome to a special edition of our podcast. In this episode we present part 1 of the Rpg Academy Network Panel we held over Google Hangouts. We brought together several members of The Rpg Academy Network to discuss various topics about GM’ing as asked by the audience.

In addition to myself (Michael – AKA Prof Fluff  @TheRpgAcademy)

we also had my favorite co-host and yours The Crunch Master himself, The Caleb G. (@TheCalebG)

We also had Lucas, @Embersds) 1/2 of the team behind City of Brass

We also had Jim McClure (@GMJimMclure) the host of Talking Tabletop and the companion show Heroe’s Journey

We also had both members of the Shark Bone Podcast 

Devon ( @Shark_Bone)

Christopher (@EldritchFire)


I hope you enjoy this show. It was too large of an audio file to load in one go so it’s broken half. Both episodes will be out


As always, we appreciate comments and feedback



~ Michael

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