Apr 28

The Campaigns : Wrought Iron Episode 7 : Fish Tacos FTW


Hello and welcome to The Campaigns, the Actual Play podcasts from The Rpg Academy. This is episode 7 of our newest DnD 5e actual play podcast:

Wrought Iron

In this episode, the team finds out what danger is waiting for them in the wreckage of the strange ship.

Arhamie Mot played by Michael  (@TheRpgAcademy)

Deign Seaborne played by Scott Brown (@Pachetra)

Cassander Ziegengeist played by Matt Parody (@MattParody)

Please enjoy Wrought Iron Episode 6, Fish Tacos FTW.

This Adventure was written by and is being run by Caleb (@TheCalebG)



As always, thanks for listening. We hope you enjoy.

Comments and Feedback are always welcome.


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  1. Another really good episode. I liked the combat, and the story that came with it. I need to do a better job DM’ing trying to play into certain character quirks for combat for the bad guys that I’m playing to help instill in my players a more creative combat style themselves.

    1. Getting that creative role play is always a challenge. I think it’s all based on giving the players freedom to do as much as they feel comfortable. Demonstrate for them different methods and techniques, and let them experiment in a safe place. That’s even something that can be discussed during session zero.

    • Richard Kreutz-Landry on August 2, 2016 at 2:20 pm
    • Reply

    Caleb, nice job with the description of the monster, especially the bit with the teeth and the eyes. The fight was a lot of fun to listen to. It sounds like there were a couple of free form instances of giving the players advantage or disadvantage, hand waving to let them try an attack, etc that were more focused on making the story more interesting than strictly adhering to the rules. I think it’s a great example of giving the players an opportunity to do the most interesting thing.

    1. As much as Caleb’s style comes across on the podcast, it’s even better at the table. I’ve come to really enjoy his small affirmations like “yeah, that definitely happens,” and I like how he can double down on that with an advantage roll at a critical moment or a cool move when it feels right. It makes it feel like he’s on our side, despite the horror parade of monsters he’s lined up against us.

    2. Glad you liked it. There’s a lot more of that style right around the corner…

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