Sep 22

The Campaigns : Wrought Iron Episode 16 : Grief


Hello and welcome to The Campaigns, the Actual Play podcasts from The Rpg Academy. This is episode 16 of our newest DnD 5E actual play podcast.

Wrought Iron

In this episode, the party members deal with their recent loss.

Arhamie Mot played by Michael  (@TheRpgAcademy)

Deign Seaborne played by Scott Brown (@geowtf)

Cassander Ziegengeist played by Matt Parody (@MattParody)

Please enjoy Wrought Iron Episode 16, Grief.

This adventure was written by and is being run by Caleb (@TheCalebG)

This actual play is supported by BattleBards and Easy Roller Dice.



As always, thanks for listening. We hope you enjoy.

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  1. That was just tough to listen to, but in a very very good way. Michael and Scott did a great job of going through what felt like real tough emotional times with the things that kind of made sense to do, but then a lot of things that were just emotion and pushing ones self to a point where you are either trying to only remember or only forget. I’m curious to see where this is going to be headed, but it was really well done and seems to be leading to an interesting point where it moves from a what is going on exactly to there is some direction where they want to head against.

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