Oct 06

Field Trip – Rocky 1-shot – Ep 1: Fallacy of a monstrous economy

Hello and welcome to The Campaigns, the Actual Play podcasts from The Rpg Academy. I am Michael and this is The Campaigns: Rocky 1-shot Ep1: Fallacy of a monstrous economy

After our first session of Lost Mines of Phandelver, we were going to start back up, but 2 of our players from the first game (Nick & Travis) were missing and we had 2 new players (Brad and Brad) and my new PC (RIP Mal’Thren) so Rocky wrote a one-shot adventure to get our new PC’s caught up to the original group so we could continue the module.  We decided to scrap that module but I thought it would be fun to release this one-shot with Rocky as the DM.


As always, thanks for listening. We hope you enjoy.

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1 comment

  1. Poor Rocky… After months of playing and recording, this is the first time he is on the air. LOL

    But it was dam well worth the wait as Rocky did an awesome job putting together an adventure, DMing it, laying out the ground rules, and what is going to happen. Wait till you hear his Irish accent! (woot woot woot)

    But yeah… He read about the Harpers so geez DM, you need to stop telling your information that you put together and wanted to tell the players. Geez… (rolling eyes) Just sit back and let the DM take you on a magic carpet ride! LOL

    Definitely would help if players knew their characters and their backgrounds to help the game play instead of the DM having another character to try and play. That annoyed me when I had to do the work (spell definition, rules, character sheet explanation) of other players at the table.

    LOL Love the player who wants to hire on just as a laborer. The DM says bodyguard and the player turns around really quick and says, “No, just a laborer.” LOL

    Thok is pretty funny. Definitely a race, half-orc, which was not seen much in v3.5 as a caster of any sort. Barbershop quartet. LOL Nice use of the Thaumaturgy spell.

    Was Rocky thrown for a loop because he did not know the PC’s? Nah… He pulled it off smoothly. Improv.

    Though there was not any combat, which I usually bitch and complain about, Rocky did a great job holding my attention and wanting me to listen to more and more of the story.

    Looking forward to part 2 and 3, and hearing Rocky as a player.



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