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The Campaigns. Made Men: Episode 5 – Full Circle

Hello All,

Here is Episode 5 of Made Men. Full Circle. This is the last 50 minutes or so of our initial Saturday, All-day, gaming session which was originally supposed to be a one-shot DnDNext Play test. As we’ve already discussed, the game was a hit, so much so, that we decided to scrap the original story line and continue on using these characters.  As was also covered in the last episode, despite the fact we were having so much fun, as the game drew on, we got tired and the game got sloppy.  This last bit really, really shows that. I had to cut out a lot of side conversations, as well as more of that odd “who’s moving the Micro-phone” sound.


********************SPOILERS******************* I suggest you listen before you read below!!************************

My original intent with this game was to give the PC’s (Marcus, Rook, Sampson and Jared) a glimpse of the City they were headed too. Eventually I wanted to the two groups to meet up. I thought that would be a fantastic Role-Play situation (or *COULD* be), so my goal was to wrap up the night with the Players (not the PC’s) knowing that their original characters would be targeted by the Play test characters.

So, at the end of the session when Gradon tells Zaine that he can come back into the good Graces of the Crimson Claw Crime Syndicate and all transgressions will be forgotten, and all he has to do is track down the killers of the Princess and Sir Acues, that was designed to tell the Players that their characters had been framed for murders (i’m sure they assumed I didn’t actually have their PC’s kill those NPC’s) and that Zaine, Yomi and Grexxil would be after them.

In-game I don’t think it had the affect I wanted, looking back at it, that is likely because none of the Players had any where near the attachment to their old characters that they had to their new ones. They weren’t afraid that their old PC’s would have to face their new ones and might not survive (The new play test PC’s were a level higher and overall tougher).

I’ll most likely go back and do a regular post about why I think that is, going into some detail, but the short version is that I was trying so hard to keep the original story’s big mystery a mystery (that the PC’s had traveled ahead in time about 1,000 years) that I had to keep them from knowing too much about *WHERE* they were as well as *WHEN* they were and that kept them from becoming attached to the story or their characters. In a story, I think the reader would be able to think back and go “Ahhhh, that’s what that was?” but as Players, it put up a barrier between them and their characters.  I tell myself all the time, “A good story and a good game are not the same thing,” but it’s still hard to separate the two.

I’m going to start work on editing episode 6 and hope to have posted next week.


As always, thanks for listening. We always appreciate feedback and opinions.


Michael – AKA Mumbles.


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    • Jonathon on July 7, 2013 at 4:07 pm
    • Reply

    Hello all-

    Hey… No Intro… I sad now… 🙁

    DUM DE DUM… The princess was murdered… Another hook; excellent!

    Hmmm… Who is in league with the Shaugin? (Are the Shaugin actually Sahuagin?) Using them as a diversion so someone can go in and kill the princess?

    OMG!!! SQUIRREL!!! LOL!!! Keep on track.

    It was good to actually get the spoiler information from the last episode; Episode 4: Where Things Go Wrong. I read ahead, this time, the spoiler for Episode 5: Full Circle which helped me out since the listeners are not there.

    It is funny how the moving of the microphone sounds like water going down a drain. Why is it being moved around so much? Maybe invest in a microphone stand and have the microphone placed a few feet above the middle of the table. There was alot of it which was getting really annoying.

    Nice cliff hanger hook… Paul Revere, “Get into your homes.”

    Hey… No Outro… I sad now… again… 🙁

    Definitely a lot of hooks to go on and to keep this story going for a long time.

    Once again, nice job DMing Michael with no “Ands, uhs and ums” at the beginning of your talks.


    Where are these original characters (Marcus, Rook, Sampson and Jared) located at? You do not mention Jared, instead you mention the name Derek.

    I do like the idea that the players’ (now) characters are going to be killing their (old) characters.

    Good hook with the symbols cut in the body of the princess and the royal guard.



    1. Jonathon,
      We’re using a completely different recording set-up now, but there are still about 20 podcasts to go before you’ll hear any that were recorded with it. They get better, I promise (but not all that much better at times. I”m editing 21,22, 23 now and there is a crap-ton of background noise from the Kiddo’s up stairs. Working on that too, but small steps.

      We move to a consistent Intro/Outro around 12 I think.

      The old characters are referenced a time or two and hinted at even more so. Stay tuned.

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