Jul 13

The Campaigns: Made Men – Episode 22: “Zaine’s getting blown by a Demon”

Hello all,

Here is Episode 22 of our DnDNext Actual Play podcast.  In this Episode, Zaine (being controlled by Me as an NPC – Evan was out this week), gets some shocking news from Grexil as one of his big secrets gets revealed.  Yomi learns just how dangerous the sewers can be and Zaine gets grappled by a Red Arm Guard who uses an as of yet, unknown ability on him.  Had a hard time finding a good cutting point, so this episode just sorta ends and we’ll pick up at the same spot in 23.


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  1. Hello all-

    Oh… I did not know it was Zaine’s story, it just sounded like Zaine (Evan) was always trying to be in the spotlight.

    Only 993 guards left… Go Grexil Go… LOL

    Good job on the describing of the new environment to the players.

    Hmmmm… A stupid playing double agent Grexil… Interesting…

    Hmmmm… Demon boy Zaine… Interesting to see how this plays out.

    Wonder what Evan thought of when you told him that he got blown by a demon??? LOL

    Good job with the intro and outros, podcast is coming together alot smoother since the beginning; but only 8 episodes left… 🙁



    1. Thanks. We’ve almost got this podcasting thing down now. Other than a few hiccups the quality is pretty much leveled out. Until I get the basement finished and have a better sound proofed room (the kids upstairs and the furnace nearby are the WORST for sound bleed overs) I don’t know that it can get much better.

      I’m happy you stuck through the rough stuff. Looking forward to your reaction to the conclusion.

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