Jul 28

The Campaigns: Made Men – Episode 24: Ding Ding Ding Ding

Hello all,

Here is Episode 24 of our DnDNext Actual Play podcast.  In this Episode the PC’s continue to discuss theories as to what has happened to them or the city while they were in the Wastelands.  They eventually make their way back to Yomi’s place to see if has changed the same way Grexil’s did.  They then decide to meet with Alicia again.

In terms of story, not a lot happens this Episode to move things forward, but I thought it was a lot of fun and there are some good character moments.


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  1. Hello all-

    Good episode; they are being edited together very good.

    Was this episode produced with the new recording software or still Audacity?

    If Audacity, what episode did you start using the new software?

    What is the name of the new software?

    The group seemed to be talking through everything really good.

    OMG!!! When Evan did an analysis of everything at the end of the episode regarding the time frame… Wondering if there is going to be the, alternate universe Grexil, Quarian, Yomi, and Zaine, walking around for the group to bump into. Opposite stats, evil goatees, nerds… LOL

    Hmmm… Dum De Dum…



    1. I’m not sure which episodes went from one software to the other, but we are now using Studio One to record and do the initial edit (I can do multi-line recording with it, so i’m able to adjust each person’s audio separately – there is still some bleed over in that if Evan coughs I can snip that part out of his audio track but you’ll still kinda hear it from the others. I’m not sure if it’s possible to remove it completely unless we are all in separate sound proof booths) but i still do the final edits in Audacity just because i’m better at it. Eventually i’d like to get away from it completely just to save time.

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