Jul 06

The Campaigns: Made Men – Episode 21: “That was the Signal.”

Hello all,

Here is Episode 21 of our DnDNext Actual Play podcast.  In this Zaine and Yomi make their way back out of the City, after having met with Alicia. They then try to sneak Grexil in so that he can speak to Alicia and she can tell him she’s pregnant.  In this Episode Zaine finds out just how different the City Guards are.


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  1. Hello all-

    Good episode with a good update from the previous episode and…

    YEAH!!! A battle.

    Great DMing skill with the helping out with the players when they are asking basic questions of what to add to an attack, what the magic weapon is and what it can do, etc….

    Hmmm… Triple agent??? LOL Double agent… pregnant… loves Grexil… I am thinking not… we shall see.

    I think Gina would smack you silly before divorcing you if you said, “ehhhhhhhhhh.” LOL

    Looking forward to see who is the real daddy???



    1. I probably should have edited that part out, but it was too funny!

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