Jun 15

The Campaigns: Made Men – Episode 18: Wait, What Did You Say?

Hello all,

Here is Episode 18 of our DnDNext Actual Play podcast. In this Episode The PC’s decide to head back to Marhiposa, but along the way find a landmark that Quarian recognizes. This revelation is what leads to the title quote. Listen to find out what happens when Grexil see’s true magic for the first time.

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  1. Hello all-

    Have not listened to Made Men for awhile, but it seemed a change of pace having the spotlight on Quarian this time instead of Zaine.

    Important thing that all DMs should be aware of is giving all players their time to shine.

    Confused on the 10 minutes of dead air at the end of the podcast.



    1. Not sure about the dead air. I probably just didn’t edit the end of it off.

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