Mar 23

The Campaigns: Made Men – Episode 12: The Old Stone Fort has risen

Hello all,

Here is Episode 12 of our Made Men DnDnext actual play podcast.


Had a return of a few technical glitches this episode. Lots of background noise and pops and clicks. Also, in two different places there are side conversations going on that muddle the sound pretty badly. Luckily both times it is pretty brief, but I will make a point going forward of having the side conversations wait for a pause. In both cases it’s good stuff happening,just bad timing.


As always, comments and feedback is welcome and thanks for listening!!


Michael – AKA Mumbles


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    • Jonathon on August 2, 2013 at 2:21 am
    • Reply

    Hello all-

    Still plenty of issues with noise and the microphone (microphone moving, players moving around, chairs squeaking), but it seems that Michael wants me to think about the content of the podcasts more instead of the sound.

    I learned from public speaking class that you should not explain yourself or say negative comments about yourself or your speech. So what to put in your live talk or text? You should talk out what happened previously (prepping up for the podcast) and whatever might happen in the podcast. (non-spoiler type information) Keep the talk to the subject of the podcast. The text could contain comments about the podcast. I.e. Regarding NPC names, for all levels of DM’s out there. Plus it could contain spoilers that listeners would have the choice to read before or after the podcast.

    The name of the bar – The Wasteland; The Drinking Fountain; The Oasis – It is cool that the players are adding information to your campaign to make it more of theirs; I know time wise that you could not put out a poll and ask the listeners what the name of the bar should be that the PC would be arriving to in the next podcast. (just a thought)

    Oh great… Four adventures might be dead, Sir Acues might be alive and the killer, Ghiss artifacts, oh my!!! OMG!!! No kidding… Why are Michael’s stories so complicated and excellently intertwined? A lot of strategically placed hooks, instead of a group of hooks that the PC can pick from just like a trip to the grocery store. Excellent!!! It does not seem that Michael is leading them in a certain direction, or is he? If he is, it does not show.

    Very confusing when multiple conversations were going on, as I could not tell who was talking to whom; happened three times, 46:45 – 47:15 was the worst.

    Holy Crap… Zaine is Inigo Montoya… “You killed my family, prepare to die!!!” LOL If this is true, looking forward to seeing how Zaine pursues this. And Zaine is also Neo… He is the Ghiss artifact chosen one. This has opened up a whole new bag of worms in seeing where the story is going to.

    This seems like Star Wars and Gradon is going to be the Ghost.

    LOL… Grexil got a pet komodo dragon. Here doggie, doggie, doggie…

    Outro still too loud.



    1. Jonathon,
      Thanks as always for the feedback, and please don’t misunderstand. I wasn’t asking you to NOT talk about the sound quality (i’ve already reacted to is and am trying to fix old ep’s as best I can) I was just commenting on the fact that generally our feedback has been positive and that really the only critiques we’ve gotten so far is about the quality. That was more aimed at trying to grow our audience. If I can find ways to get us in front of more people, so to speak, I think we could hold onto a good % of first time listeners.

      I value the time you take to listen to the Episodes and the extra time to write a response to each one. Feel free to comment on anything that sticks out enough that you feel it’s warranted. Good or bad!


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