Mar 09

The Campaigns: Made Men – Episode 11: Escape from Mairhaposa

Hello all,

Here is Episode 11 of our DnDNext actual play podcast. I recorded a live intro for this one so no text one here. (I would love some feedback if you prefer live one or text one . . .)


Not much technical or spoiler-y things in this episode.


As always, feedback and comments are welcome and thanks for listening!


Michael – AKA Mumbles.


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    • Jonathon on July 31, 2013 at 7:54 am
    • Reply

    Hello all-

    I went back to several podcasts and I like the live one recap better; gets you all prepped for the new episode; though having some information available to look at instead of rewinding is always good.

    I did notice on another posting you did for your Gencon schedule, you inserted a picture of your schedule; maybe insert a picture of a map, dungeon, area, etc… of what is going on in the podcast?

    Along with your live recap, having part of the previous podcast played before the new one is a good idea; though a 2.5 minute overlap might be a bit too long.

    OMG!!! Michael the Walking Dictionary – Genuflect: dropping to one knee

    Very good episode trying to figure out how to get out of the city even though they did have a contact as a guard; Rob was doing a great job trying to talk thieves cant; sucks being put on the spot. 😀 LOL

    WOW… Outro was really loud this time



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