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The Campaigns: Made Men – Episode 10: Violent Circumcision

Hello all,

Here is Episode 10 of our Made Men Actual Play Podcast.  One more time: sorry about Episode 9.

In this Episode we pick up right after Grexil has returned to the group after his secret meeting with The Silent Sisters.  The majority of the episode is spent in a role play heavy scene. The PC’s are at a turning point and they spend a lot of time trying to get everyone on board for what happens next.

The Wang situation is resolved in this episode and it ends on a cliffhanger of sorts.  I hope you guys enjoy.



Michael – AKA Mumbles.


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    • Jonathon on July 31, 2013 at 5:24 am
    • Reply

    Hello all-

    OMG!!! Now that I listened to the episode; funny episode title.

    Good intro into the recap, but outro was too loud when Evan was trying to give out the information.

    OMG… Who is eating the crunchy food with the crunchy wrapper next to the microphone? Grrr…

    Changing Winter Hearts to Winter Soldiers – good choice. The Winter Hearts sounded like a character from the video game my daughter use to play, Kingdom Hearts. Then this episode turned quickly into a rated “R” when the Winter Soldiers arrived; a lot of “F” bombs; just seemed out of the ordinary from previous podcasts; guess it must be how the Winter Soldiers talk.

    So I am curious how long have your players been playing? They seem to be asking questions of a beginner player or someone who just received their PC sheet a few minutes prior. (What is stealth based on…) or they should know their PC’s abilities and what they do (Volley) instead of asking the DM; DM has a hard enough time coordinating everything for himself, let alone having to run 3 other PC’s. Big KUDOS to Michael who responds with the answers in a timely manner.

    OMG… Sounded like, whoever attacked the Winter Soldier, was going to get all pissy when he was not able to knock the Winter Soldier to the ground, because he rolled an ‘8’. I judged a LG game once when a 10th level fighter rolled a “1” to break open a window so they could let the smoke out; he got so pissed explaining that he is a 10th level fighter and he should have smashed the window; low rolls happen, so just go with the flow and deal with it.

    Do not know if Niko is using the stupidness of Grexil to do stupid stuff; this episode Niko seems to be overdoing it. Towards the end of the podcast, the players seem to be getting too conflicting with each other. I think I read in one of your notes that Grexil, who is smart, is playing dumb; so what is the intelligence that Grexil is trying to convey? What is Grexil’s true intelligence? It seemed like Niko playing Grexil was getting on Evan’s nerves; after 37 minutes he started to get on my nerves. Zaine did have a comment about what was going on with him and Grexil not listening to him… Out of character – if the DM thinks that the players are not playing their character right, then he should step in and have them do a roll to lead them on correctly.

    OMG… Seriously… Kill Wang… That was the great way that the group decided to deal with the issue of Jared having to go on a leave of absent… :-/ – errrg… I think I would be pissed if I left my character to the whim of the group and that happened; though it did happen when I left my adventure, I wrote, to the whip of the admin and he changed the concept of it. But after Evan’s explanation, I guess I can see why they would kill Wang because he could go tell someone where Zaine is at.

    Great cliff hanger with the arrival of the queen. Definitely would return to listen to the next podcast.

    Great marketing ploy to make one want to come back to listen to the next podcast.



    1. Jonathon,
      Yeah, the Grexil thing is a bit tricky. One of my failings as a DM (and I have many) is that I really, really like to laugh. If I could pick between having a great immersive game experience to the point that when I call the game at the end of the night that the players revolt and refuse to quit or having a gut-busting laugh, I’d probably go with the laugh. And Grexil is funny. I think Niko bought into that. So did the other players. Most of the jokes and funny moments at the table revolved around Grexil (and I think this is a great thing for DM’s to think about. People like to cry about Balance in combat. Grexil is easily twice as effective in combat as any other PC in this game – again, designed as a one shot, balance wasn’t a priority – but no one cares. They like that Grexil is Grexil. I think the key is that everyone else feels like their PC can be effective and fun in combat. No one is comparing DPS at the table. But I digress) so it sort became a self-fulling prophesy that he would be dumb and contrary. We did have a few out of game conversations about it and later on he comes out of the closet, so to speak and reveals his intelligence.

      This frustration is one of the reasons that the Wang situation ends the way it does. Evan, as a Player, WAS frustrated by Niko/Grexil and really wanted the PC’s to leave the city. After an hour of real time trying to trick/convince Grexil to go, he wasn’t about to start over with Wang, who as a character never really fit in. Normally I’d not have allowed that to happen, at least not that simply. He would have ran, at least, but I knew if I did that the frustrations would have gotten worse. So it was a weird sort of catharsis for Evan/Zaine to take him out.

      When I told Jared, he laughed.

      Glad you liked the episode.

      I’ve gone back and started to re-master some of the old episodes. Mostly i’m adding in a “live-intro” but in some cases i’m running them through some more filters trying to level out the sounds.

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