Dec 13

The Campaigns: FAE Deadlands – Episode 2 : The Good, The Bad, and The Zombie

Hello and welcome to the campaigns, the Actual Play Podcasts from DnD Academy.

This FAE Deadlands, Episode 2 : The Good, The Bad, and The Zombie

This Campaign series is being recorded using Google Hangouts and the plugin.

It’s being GM’d by Porter Williams (@Rzrstrm). We are using his A&A Method for FAE.

In our last episode our three characters were traveling East by Train when it was attacked by Apache Warriors. Working together, we managed to take them all down, only to have them and their victims raise as Zombies. In this Episode we are still on the East bound train as the Zombies attack and we have a new threat in a Wichita Witch who’s after Sebastian Kane.

Thanks for listening.

We hope you enjoy.

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As always, thanks for listening. We hope you enjoy.

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    • Jonathon M. Johnson on March 3, 2014 at 1:51 am
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    The Good

    Great intro recap by Porter; always good to have a two second recap to refresh listeners of what happened, even if the listeners have not listened for a minute or a week. When the party is split, Porter does a great job by recapping when split party members join back up.

    Michael has been practicing his western accent. “Hey Y’aaaaaaall” LOL

    OMG Scott… Unless he is an Indian History Major, did not expect that type of an explanation from a player. EXCELLENT!!! (or could have been some believable BS if it was not true)

    Like how Porter brings the players into the story by letting them explain their successes.

    The Bad

    Did not notice this before during the first episode, but in this second episode, it is sounding like Porter is saying more and more uh, ummm, and ands…. (better get the editing going again Michael)

    Porter should have explained the train and its cars at the beginning: # cars, name of cars, order of cars. (a plus for the listeners)

    If you miss one line, the train encounter gets confusing. Michael had stated that we are all at the engine and then Porter says that Martin was on the other end of the train. By missing the Martin line and Martin starts walking on top of the train, it sounded weird when the hat flies past him; it could not if he was in front of the individual.

    The Zombie (interesting quotes and situations)

    Tale of the Fox and the Chipmunk??? LOL Nice flavor Scott.

    Grab the hat Martin… Grab it… Dang!!! Should have grabbed the hat.

    “Yeah drama!” LOL – nice Porter.

    “You see a few zombie heads looking up like… “Huh” (groan)”

    DAM!!! What a woman!!! Do not piss her off!!! KABOOM!!!

    So remember… If you do not want to hit the ground when you jump, push someone first and fall on them.

    On 3 jump… 1, JUMP!!!… Ahhhh…



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