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The Campaigns: Dark Discovery – Kranith


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Hello and welcome to The Campaigns, the Actual Play podcasts from The Rpg Academy.

This is the first of four character introduction scenes for our new DnD 5e Actual Play series: Dark Discovery.


In this episode you meet Kranith a human sorcerer played by Rocky (@LaffinJoker).


There will be 7 episodes total  ( four character intro’s and 3 regular episodes) on the main feed and then this series will convert to a Patron only reward. We hope you enjoy these eps, and we really hope you enjoy them enough to consider becoming a patron.


As always, thanks for listening.

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    • Mark on March 25, 2017 at 1:01 pm
    • Reply

    I found it odd that the characters are referred to by different names in the podcast itself and in the podcast titles and data and then even here. Is it Everin, Erevin, Evrin?! Kranith? Kranthin? It seems like a trivial point, but it decreases my immersion in a fantasy world. Without giving any spoilers, I hope, Kranith’s transition from intro to episode 1 was not a smooth one. Some background on creature capabilities and materials would be good for those of us not immersed in D&D. And even if we were, what are the differences in your world?

    I enjoyed Wrought Iron very much and have hopes for this one (1/2 way through first “real” episode), but my overall impression is that these “live play” podcasts are more theatre/drama/improv than D&D. It seems that the podcasts/stories could have been produced almost without any D&D rules. I am new to 5e so I am not sure I have any recommendations. Show use of more of the rules than just ability checks? I also got the impression that much of what happened was scripted. If it weren’t, then it is worth considering why it seemed so. Perhaps due to editing? Some of the dice roll results seemed questionable to me (fixed) and the constant mentioning of Easy Roller got tiresome and broke the immersion.

    I would like to see the character details/sheets. If they exist, I did not find them. I thought the Wrought Iron characters were low-level but then they seemed very OP — especially Arhamie and Daine (or Dane?!?)

    On another positive note, I liked how the players contributed to the story and gave precise description of their characters actions and reactions. But it seemed they were allowed to do way more in a turn, usually, than would be feasible. And it they do precise targeting and other intricate maneuvers, it seems some rolls should be in order.

    • Mark on March 29, 2017 at 10:18 am
    • Reply

    Dark Discovery seems to mitigate some of my concerns — it seems more a game than improv, does not seem scripted and the players seem appropriately challenged when attempting specific, complicated actions. Great job! It hits the sweet spot.

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