Feb 10

The Campaigns: A New World – Episode 6: The Tursharktopis Conclusion

Hello and welcome to the campaigns, the Actual Play Podcasts from DnD Academy.


This is A New World: Episode 6: The Tursharktopis Conclusion



In our last episode, the PC’s were present as the Nobles, led by Jacean Winters, began to interrogate Valius, the Beardless Dwarf stowaway, as to his connection to the fire that broke out in the Holds. During the interrogation a cry of alarm was raised and the PC’s, along with Valius, went to fight off the first real sign of life on this world, a creature that could only be described as a Tursharktopis. We ended our last episode mid-battle. We pick up this week in that same spot with the PC’s trying to kill or run-off this highly resistant creature.

Once that is concluded, there are some great RP moments (in my opinion) and we end with . . . well, let’s just wait and listen, shall we?


Thanks for listening. We hope you enjoy.
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1 comment

  1. OMG!!! Love the Tursharktopis concept art. Though it did not reflect fully what Michael gave as a description.

    This reminds me of when my daughter was writing modules for Living Greyhawk and she introduced an eight headed shark into her module. (At a high level that is.) Which also reminds me of the B-movie “2-Headed Shark Attack.” LOL

    Nice intro information and then cutting it off to have the listeners have to listen to the whole podcast to hear the ending.

    Now “The Tursharktopis Conclusion…”

    Rated PG-13… Geez… Sure was a potty mouth episode.

    OMG… Another 21 points… OUCH!!! These PC’s are Tursharktopis Chow.

    Hope the creature brought dental floss to pick out the body parts from between its teeth or pepto bismol… LOL Ooops… Too late… Dead… Hmmm… Killed a Mom… uh oh… Where is Dad???

    YEAH!!! NOM… NOM… NOM… Tursharktopis Luau… Tastes like chicken… LOL

    Hmmm… Dead bodies by burying or by sea? A path of things to come???

    Tersharkadin… errr… Tursharktopis… Whatever… ??? (Nice to hear the players care for the time that Michael has put in.)

    Box of sand??? Packaging material??? LOL Hmmm… Mystery box.

    Liked the fact that Blaine turned down becoming the “Captain of the Guards” since he stated earlier that would rather bake.

    Weird sound levels you got going there. Up… Down… Up… Down… Actually it more sounds like front… back… front… back…

    Could you post a description and the stats on the Tursharktopis?

    Hearing a rustling in the jungle… Shhh… What is that? Is that a Snapardkey? (Snake/Leopard/Monkey) – Nope – MUCH BIGGER!!!



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