Jan 11

The Campaigns: A New World – Episode 2: Arouse the Ship

Hello and welcome to the campaigns, the Actual Play Podcasts from DnD Academy.


This is A New World: Episode 2: Arouse the Ship


In the last episode, the PC’s began their journey of traveling to A New World through a magical portal. Things did not go well as right off the bat, one of their ships exploded. They then found themselves in the midsts of a terrible storm.  This episode picks up right where we left off.


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    • Jonathon M. Johnson on March 31, 2014 at 5:40 am
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    HOLY CRAP!!!

    This is the 2nd episode and Michael’s mind is throwing everything but the kitchen sink at these guys.


    Wondering how he will keep the momentum going for the next 10+ episodes that are listed.

    Evan was the only one who saw the explosion?; this campaign is not going to be about Evan again? :-/ Hmmm…

    Michael, you seemed a bit agitated with the group as you had to say several times, “…give me a decision… …or we are moving on.” I figured after the 27 episodes of Made Men that the players would know what to do, how to read their character sheets and keep the game flowing and not producing dead air. You are doing a good job explaining what was going on for me to visualize it.

    Yeah… Screw the people Druid… Save the animals… WOOHOO!!! Great use of his firefighting spells.

    Holy Crap… Make a constitution save or you die next turn? What level are these characters? The druid is casting 4th level spells which makes him at least 7th level?

    On the “A New World” home page, you responded with “…they fought a… …but it was 5 days (in-game) before they saw…” With that, I thought I was going to be board with just table talk and blah… blah… blah… But monsters are not the only thing that you can fight and you showed that.

    End of this episode is flushing out the campaign pretty good so far; visualizing the episodes pretty good as opposed to the Made Men campaign; and setting you up to wondering why it is the way it is and why there is a moon with a crack in it?



    1. Jonathon,
      Glad to see (hear/read?) that you are going through the A New World campaigns. Hope you enjoy them.
      I wouldn’t say this campaign is as Evan focused as Made Men, but to be fair, Evan does a good job of biting on the hooks I throw out and it makes it easy to build upon. You’ll see when you get there.

      I wouldn’t say I was agitated. We did a Dungeon Talk around this same time where we talked about players not being ready for their turns and one of the techniques we discussed using was the ‘do what you are going to do, or I’m skipping you’ and so I was trying to use that to see how it went.

      The PC’s started at 7th level for this game.


        • Jonathon M. Johnson on April 3, 2014 at 6:39 pm
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        Hello Michael-

        I am enjoying the “A New World” campaign so far.


        I can see, and I apologize a bit, that Evan is doing a much better job than the others and not being an “about Evan” campaign.

        I am also seeing that I am making comments about things and being told that you did a Dungeon Talk about them; I guess it is time for me to start listening to all of the Dungeon Talks. I have been avoiding them a bit due to wanting to listen to “game play” and not “talk about play.”

        Sounds like 7th level is a good starting point for them…

        …with a huge flying creature that is waaaaaaaaay off in the distance but still looks huge, acid water, standing in a foot print on the beach, docking the boat in a claw mark, 40’x600′ tall trees, and all…; Oh My!!!



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