May 11

The Campaigns: A New World – Episode 16: The Oath Hammer

Hello and welcome to the campaigns, the Actual Play Podcasts from DnD Academy. I am Michael and this is The Campaigns: A New World: Episode 16: The Oath Hammer

In our last episode, the Party, along with the Nobles finalized their negotiations with the Slug people and they left to bring back and ‘Elder’ who will be able to solidify their treaty.
The party then moved into the city and began to start their preparations. What comes first?  Food, water, exploration. We pick up this episode with the PC’s deciding on that next move.


Thanks for listening. We hope you enjoy.
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    • Jonathon on June 17, 2014 at 12:39 pm
    • Reply

    Why just Evan and Niko? Where is everyone else in the party???

    Good decision of what to do first. Reminds me of an example of surviving in the desert and you are given 10 items and you have to number them in order of importance of usage.

    In, out, in, out… Geez… Make up your mind… LOL But good use of intelligence and Michael not just letting the PC’s say we had did that.

    Good use of a background while gathering. See… The little things work out for the big every once in a while.

    Nice monster misdirection/sneak attack combat while in the midst of gathering.

    Like the negative that Blaine has with his Oath Hammer. All the newer editions of D&D are handing out pluses like candy to everything. No more +2 strength, -2 charisma.

    Nice job by Michael and his non-metagaming for the players by explaining what the players see instead of just telling them and not letting the players tell too much to the others; or should I just say to the other player there.



    Guess I will have to come back to listen to #17 to see what happens to the tentacle.

    Did Valius hit?



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