Apr 17

The Campaigns: A New World – Episode 14 : Divine Asian

Hello and welcome to the campaigns, the Actual Play Podcasts from DnD Academy. I am Michael and this is The Campaigns: A New World: Episode 14: Divine Asian


In our last episode Blaine and Jack exposed Slugo-Mavin as an impostor in front of the other nobles and then killed him. Before he died, that slug created, mistakenly thinking Blaine was going to let him live, mind melded the location of where they needed to go to be safe from the new invaders.  Those new invaders were just outside where Valius and Durrand were holding them off.



In this episode we pick up just as Treydak is following a wisp, Blain is rallying the civilians and Durrand and Valius are trying to hold off the invaders.

Thanks for listening. We hope you enjoy.
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    • Jonathon M. Johnson on April 21, 2014 at 2:53 am
    • Reply

    WOOHOO!!! I get to the listen to the podcast only 3 days after it got posted.

    Good information and turnouts of events that happened and explained.

    Is the wrath of audio coming back?

    Last episode had an issue with Niko’s microphone switching on and off and choppy, now it is really loud and sounds like he is talking via internet or phone; very annoying; kind of like nails on a chalkboard. Is he not with you all in the same room?

    LMAO… Divine Asian – Divination. Always great to find out the meaning of the Episode’s title.

    Hail the God of Pizza!!!

    Michael does a good way leading the group from area to area and an interesting path; outcome to reason why was a bit weak.

    Do not move the paper… 18 -> 4 LOL

    Boy the PC’s seemed stingy with wanting to help out.

    Stay in the caverns so we can all see what attacks you. – WOOHOO!!!



  1. Jonathon,
    Yeah, this is one of 3 or 4 episodes where we had Niko trying out a new Microphone and there were issues. The good news is that i can turn his mic off when he’s not speaking so it doesn’t come through overall, bad news is that Niko’s PC talks a lot in these eps.

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