Mar 17

The Campaigns: A New World – Episode 11: Save Vs. Dictionary

Hello and welcome to the campaigns, the Actual Play Podcasts from DnD Academy. I am Michael and this is The Campaigns: A New World: Episode 11: Save Vs. Dictionary


In our last episode Treydak was being attacked by Fred & George, the rangers he had been working with. They lured him out into the forest to show him some “husks” they had found and when he was alone, attacked him.  In the meantime Mavin the Noble Jack pretends to work for, called Jack to a meeting and told him that the camp was being infiltrated by impostors and gave him salt water to use as a detection method.  Durand’s Zombie-bird familiar alerted Durand of Treydak’s being in danger and Durand rallied the troops and rushed to help.


We pick up just there as the group has discovered that the Treydak they are speaking with, is not actually Treydak.


Thanks for listening. We hope you enjoy.
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    • Jonathon M. Johnson on April 12, 2014 at 4:36 am
    • Reply

    Save Vs Dictionary??? Cannot wait to hear what this means…

    Just noticed that along with the blurb recap of the previous episode, Michael is also playing the last minute of the previous episode to help us remember what is going on. Good Job…

    Oh great… Now we have slugs; that move fast even; 6 foot long by 2 foot round. Hmmm…

    So a new enemy or the minion of a new enemy???

    Hmmm… So what is the monster count so far?

    Huge flying creature from afar
    Large turtle/shark/octopus creature
    Huge Godzilla creature
    Huge spider/snake/scorpion creature in the tree tops
    Medium shape shifting slug

    Oh yeah… and politicians…




      • Jonathon M. Johnson on April 12, 2014 at 4:37 am
      • Reply

      Did not catch the meaning of the Save Vs. Dictionary…

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