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Jul 05

Coding the Mundane – guest article by Red Rabbit

Hello students, Professor Crunch here. Today, I am happy to bring you an article written by fan of the show Red Rabbit. You can find Red on the Academy forums. I have had the pleasure of discussing all kinds of game theory with Red and believe me, you are in for a treat with this …

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Jun 30

Fewer skill checks, please.

  Note to readers, this article was inspired by Table Topics # 68  – Setting DC’s in D&D  You can listen to that episode here: www.therpgacademy.com/table-topics-episode-68-dcs-in-dnd   Fewer skill checks, please.   Role Playing Games, by their very nature, are an odd mixture of free-form cooperative storytelling and rigid mechanics. Everyone approaches this mix according to …

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Jun 20

Intro to Player Narrative Control

  Note to readers, this article was inspired by Table Topics # 88  – The matrix. You can listen to that episode here: www.therpgacademy.com/table-topics/the-matrix   Introduction to Player Narrative Control: The idea of Player Narrative Control is that you allow players to create details of the story that then become real in the game world. …

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Jun 13

What’s in a Name?

  Note to reader: This article was inspired by Dungeon Talk Episode 1 of The RPG Academy Podcast. You can listen to that full episode at : www.theRpgacademy.com/dungeon-talk-episode-1-the-beginning/ What’s in a name? Less than you might think. When I first started running games I was terrified that a player would ask me questions I couldn’t …

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