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Feb 15

Review : Fuhgeddaboudit and Badabing Badaboom

What do the phrases Fuhgeddaboudit and Badabing Badaboom bring to mind? Beyond giving my spell check a heart attack, they remind me of classic, old-school, New York mafia tropes. I immediately picture feuding families, deals made over a spaghetti dinner, and crazy shenanigans that devolve into violence. And thanks to the team at Just Insert …

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Feb 01

Review : The Book of the Tarrasque

Effectively using a massive, world-ending monster in a typical tabletop game can be challenging. And the Tarrasque, the granddaddy of them all, ramps that challenge up to 11. Luckily, John Arcadian and Encoded Designs has come to the rescue with a 5E supplement, The Book of the Tarrasque.   Overview This supplement is dedicated to …

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