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Nov 27

Rocky played Dragonfire

Rocky Played Dragonfire     Rarely does a game come along that I have been truly ecstatic about its release. Dragonfire is that game for me and I’m sure after I tell you why I love it, you’ll love it too. Allow me to explain. I love cooperative games. I’m not talking about a game that …

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Mar 09

Rocky played Dead of Winter

Rocky Played Dead of Winter       I live in Ohio and the irony of playing this game last week when our game day was almost cancelled due to a sleet storm has not been lost on me. Despite the abysmal weather I absolutely fell in love with this game. Very few board games have …

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Dec 20

Rocky played Sail to India

Rocky Played Sail to India   “You can play this game but unfortunately we sold out and don’t have any more.” This is what the demonstrator at the AEG booth at Gencon 2014 said to me regarding Sail to India. If a game was this successful at Gencon that it had sold out on the …

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Sep 09

Rocky played: Are you a Werewolf

  Are You A Werewolf?   You wake up early and gossip sweeps across the village. Werewolves have killed some local sheep in the middle of the night and now they have changed back to their villager forms in the day time. This is the premise for every first round of “Are You a Werewolf?” …

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Aug 23

Rocky played High Noon Saloon

I played High Noon Saloon at GenCon 2014.   “The last one standin’ wins, and there ain’t no prize for second.” This is what the demonstrator said to me and it’s the quote from the back of the box that made me sit down and try the fast, easy to learn, and sometimes downright hilarious …

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