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May 10

Michael played Dragon Wood, with the minions!

Full disclosure – I really like this game.  Like, more than my kids like it, like it. I’d enjoy playing it with adults. Playing with kids is a bit different matter, but read on.   If you are not familiar with the game, Dragonwood is a mixture of dice rolling, set collecting, risk-taking and probability …

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Apr 05

Michael played Animal Upon Animal, with the minions!

  Animal Upon Animal   For this month I am reviewing Animal Upon Animal, designed by Klaus Miltenberger and published by HABA.  The game is in intended for 2-4 players and is recommended age is 4 and up. Each game lasts about 15 minutes. This was a recommendation from my twitter feed (@therpgacademy) when I had …

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Feb 08

Michael played King of Tokyo, with the minions!

  King of Tokyo   Today’s Family Board Game Review is of King of Tokyo, designed by Richard Garfield and published by iello. It plays 2-6 players and suggested age is eight and up. Play time is around 30 minutes.   I wasn’t supposed to play this game with the boys. I wasn’t against it, But I had placed …

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Jan 04

Michael played Tsuro, with the minions!

  Tsuro     I am going to start reviewing the various board/card games I play with my boys. JG is almost 7 and Jacob is 5 and a half.   First up Tsuro from Calliope Games.       If you are not familiar with the game, Tsuro is a tile-based board game flavored as …

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Oct 17

New Pocket editions announced for Pathfinder RPG

    Paizo, Inc., publisher of the award-winning Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, announces the release of new softcover pocket editions for the two of the game’s essential rulebooks: the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook and Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiary.       The Core Rulebook and Bestiary pocket editions will include the same page count and …

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Aug 23

Rocky played High Noon Saloon

I played High Noon Saloon at GenCon 2014.   “The last one standin’ wins, and there ain’t no prize for second.” This is what the demonstrator said to me and it’s the quote from the back of the box that made me sit down and try the fast, easy to learn, and sometimes downright hilarious …

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Jul 07

Caleb Reviews the D&D Basic PDF

Ok kids, time for my take on DnD Basic…AKA Fifth Edition Lite…AKA the Cliff Notes version of DnD…AKA the first taste is free…AKA The One Where Michael and I Disagree.   Basic has only been out for a few days and already the interwebs are already aflame with opinions and arguments about this new thing …

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